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Thanks for the trimmers, i will be recommending again.
I was in dire need for some trimmers, i was pleased i went with your products, and hope to use you again soon.
Cool trimmers thanks for the great service


  DRYERS » wahl Pro Ionic dryer

wahl Pro Ionic dryer


wahl Pro Ionic dryer
The wahl pro ionic hair dryer is a good quality hairdryer it will help keep your hair in a good, silky condition after blow drying, whereas other can leave your hair brittle and frizzy. This AC Hairdryer with Ionic Advantage helps keep your hair in top condition.

Key Features:

  • Professional AC Motor: improved performance on other hairdryer motors. Provides a higher torque output to improve air flow.
  • Removable Air Filter: for easy cleaning, and help maintain optimum performance.
  • Concentrator Nozzle: provides a denser stream of air. Allowing your hair to dry a lot faster than if you used the hair dryer without the nozzle.
  • Cool Shot Button: help fix in your style with a cool shot of air.
  • 2 Heat Settings: Low and High settings mean you can change the intensity of the heat during drying. Whether you want a quick dry, or a gradual dry.
  • 2 Speed Settings: adjust the flow of air, to increase or decrease drying time.
  • Selectable Ion: turn on the Ionic Advantage with the flick of a switch. Heated negative ion particles improve the condition of your hair.


    Voltage: 230-240 V

    Power: 1800-2000 W

    Frequency: 50 Hz

Pack Size


Dimensions (mm)

105(w) x 280(h) x 240(d)


800 g


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